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Steritube Plus

Steritube Plus is the intelligent appliance of Virobuster® technology. Using the unique, patented UVPE ( Ultra Violet Pathogen Elimination) process, Steritube Plus analyses, calculates and where necessary adapts the process immediately and continuously in order to guarantee the required rate of germ reduction. As well as logging the process, Steritube Plus can be used in its unique, patented modularity mode. In this case, modularity means that the steritubes communicate with one another and act as a team in order to achieve the required purification capacity. Steritube Plus can - either on its own or in modular connection (with SteriControl) - communicate in both directions with the user through direct connections, the internet and BMX (Building Management Systems).

STERITUBE PLUS at a glance:
  • Purification in a single passage
  • All microorganisms
  • Plug & Play
  • Suitable for any HVAC channel
  • Intelligent monitoring & communication
  • BMS compatible
  • Scalable and stackable
  • All capacities possible

Steritube Plus is suitable for all applications, for which the highest level of safety and air quality is required. Applications in health care, such as operating theatres, isolation units, intensive care units and treatment rooms are examples of places in which pure air is required in order to avoid any transfer of germs from the patient to the outside world (quarantine for TBC patients, SARS, swine flu, MRSA) and from the outside world to the patient (operating theatres, burns, bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy).

In addition to the health care sector, specific food technology and pharmaceutical environments such as laboratories, clean rooms and incubators also have a requirement for absolutely pure air. In combination with the optional fan or valve, various configurations of Steritube Plus are possible in modularity mode. A safe change mode with double valves enables installation within 24 hours, without any interruption in the process.
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