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VIROBUSTER ? picks up where ordinary air purification leaves off

In the UVPE process, microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses are irradiated with short-wave UV light as the air is passed through the module. This proven active principle deactivates the genetic make-up of the germs, prevents them from multiplying and therefore neutralises their pathogenic potential. During this photochemical process, no harmful by-products are produced, making it safe for humans, animals and the environment. A system controlled by a processor measures air conditions and analyses the data collected. This data is used to calculate the required output to enable the optimum combination of effective parameters (radiation resistance of pathogens), (intensity of radiation) and (time). This ensures that the best possible reduction of microorganisms in the ambient air is always achieved.

The benefits of VIROBUSTER® over a system of air purification using ordinary filter technology are plain to see, since the efficiency of filters is restricted by various factors:

  • The diameter of filter pores defines the efficiency and the pressure decrease
  • Filters are fixed and increase energy consumption
  • Filters collect germs, which can multiply on the surface of the filter
  • Mechanical wear makes filters permeable
  • Used filters are organic waste, which must be disposed of as such
  • The level of pressure has to be changed by constant adjustments

Whilst the effectiveness of ordinary air purification using filters is restricted, VIROBUSTER® allows the air to be very effectively purified of the entire pathogenic spectrum of microorganisms. Our products can be integrated as units in the existing air purification system or can be used as a stand-alone solution to optimise and significantly improve air hygiene, where other technologies encounter limitations. The following are the advantages of the system:

  • It is not necessary to change existing RLT systems, because VIROBUSTER® can be integrated as a unit
  • There is no organic waste
  • Plug&Play, no pre-engineering or custom design required
  • Virobuster can be installed anywhere as a stand-alone solution
  • UVPE technology means that no ozone is produced
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